Monday, April 29, 2013

April Archives

Lyndon decided that he wanted to cook supper one night.  He picked the menu and did 99% of the cooking.  It was fun to cook together and Lyndon made a delicious meal!

fried squash

 grilled shrimp

 pork ribs

 corn on the cob

& rice

Shooting free throws.

Our team minus one.

Lyndon participated in the 4-H Fashion Show.  Entries can either be constructed or purchased.  Lyndon chose to purchase and had to compare 3 different outfits.  He did a great job and was very nervous.  You are judged in a room alone with several judges who look at your outfit and ask questions.  Then they have the fashion show and everyone models their outfit and awards are presented.

Lyndon placed 3rd!

This girl's outfit was amazing!  She made everything out of paper!  She is extremely talented as you can see.

Our local group of kids.

We also kept this adorable little guy for the weekend.  Lyndon had a lot of fun!  

Mr. Silly!!!!

Our Easter decorations.

Notice the rabbit has extra ears!

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