Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo 2013

We took Fred on to Fort Worth this year.  Lyndon did a fabulous job there too.  Fort Worth is so VERY different than our county show and last year Lyndon was scared to death.  This year he was very calm and already knew what to do.

Going in by the judge.

Pinned!  Yeah!

He meet his classification test....3 judges look at your pig to classify whether it was entered in the correct breed.  They each have two marbles and white and black and place their marble in a can that the lady in the green jacket holds.  She makes sure they all agree they are in the correct class.  White=agree, Black=don't agree and you are DONE! :-)  

Prepping to be brought into the ring.

Lyndon wasn't pinned last year and it really is a huge accomplishment as there are SO many pigs in each class the fact that your pig 'stuck-out' enough to be pinned is great!

We had a GREAT family time in Fort Worth!

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