Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy New Year

Wowwie, Wow, this has probably been my longest blog absence....  It seems like things have been so fast paced and I did give-up 'recreational internet time' for lent-except on my lunch break.  However, I can't just blame that for my absence.

We had a nice calm New Year's.  One of Cody's dearest friends came in with his son Ben-jam'in as Cody has nicknamed him from Abilene as well as another local couple.

Cody was the chef for the night!

Lyndon and Benjamin played Legos, listened to music, & road the 'Hoopty'.

This was our 1st time to use my Christmas present from Cody...It worked great and kept us from freezing!

Oh the giggles you could hear!

To ring in the New Year...kid and adult style!

Oh and DS time!!

2013 has already shown that it will FLY by even quicker than 2012 did!  
Happy New Year!

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