Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keystone and Renovations

For Spring Break we hit the slopes at Keystone  Colorado.  This year our condo hunting specs were: Cody-walking distance to the slopes...as close as possible!, Lyndon- wifi, Me-washer and dryer!  As we all found out the closer you are to the slopes the smaller the condo for the same budget.  We were in a fabulous location-couldn't be closer...right in the village too!  Last year we had a HUGE condo, but had to drive about 1/2 mile.  It turned out that the washer/dryer combo was broke!!!!!  Huge disappointment for me!  

Cody's parents also bunked with us, which made it a lot of fun!  I definitely FAILED in capturing pictures!!!!  Not sure what I was thinking.  I'll post phone pics in a separate post.

I have wanted an island in my kitchen for 11+ years.  Didn't want to spend much-which eliminated any premade
 island.  Home Depot had their cabinets on sale a couple of months ago so I took advantage.

I joined 3 cabinets together.

Countertops were another hurdle!  Didn't want to spend much at all and Ikea's butcher block doesn't come in the correct dimensions, which would mean purchasing 2 and wasting a lot.... which was too pricey.  I opted to make my own from wood planks.  There was a lot of work in getting everything to work, but in the end the countertop was about $20!  Cody first helped me get old barn wood, but after hours of sanding, flipping, & trimming it just wasn't going to line-up well enough.  So Lyndon and I made a trip to Lowe's...grabbed wrong boards and price was too much so had to return it for the correct wood, then straps to hold it down broke, so I made 2 different trips back inside to buy new straps.  Luckily we had the BEST Lowes worker EVER who was very determined and patient!!!!

Switched out bathroom lights too.

I restored this light.  I need different bulbs because it looks like Olympic torches to me!

 We had a great Spring Break filled with a vacation, family time, and time to do things around the house!  Perfect!!!!

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