Tuesday, July 23, 2013

12 Year Wedding Anniversary

Cody and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary this past weekend.  We enjoyed a relaxing trip to Medicine Park.I wasn't quick enough to snap the OK State sign so I took one of the toll entrance instead.

The river...

I don't think you are suppose to swim in this part of the river-it wasn't very clean either.

Lawtonka Lake...

Cabins aren't allowed to be build on land so they instead build floating dock houses.

We thought this looks very fun!

We then drove to Meers.  Look at the line-thank goodness we had already eatten.

On top of Mount Scott....

The dock houses from Mount Scott.

The dam.

Medicine Park.

Our one bedroom house.

 On the next hill over.

Sunday we went back by Lawtonka Lake to look at the unloading ramp-we want to bring Lyndon, the boat, and camper.

I had to stop-just look at the treasures!  I came home with a bargain desk!

Meers was delicious!!!!!

Medicine Park.

Home Sweet Home!
It was a great weekend getaway and I enjoyed the time with Cody.  Now we're excited to bring Lyndon to the lake.  

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