Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Fun

Lyndon has wanted a trampoline since last summer when his was finally worn out and broke.  I told him to save his money so that is what he has been doing.  He has done numerous chores for family members to earn his money.  Once he thought he had enough we shopped around for the best deal.  He is very proud of his purchase!

My mother has been busily preparing the 'cottage' for my Memere to hopefully live in.  She currently lives in Tucson, but we have been trying to get her to move here for.....a long time!  I pray we almost have her to the point of moving.  She decided to spend the summer here so we had a few storage items to pick up for her cottage at Ikea.  Ikea is such a fun place for all!

We stayed at the Hilton DFW by the lakes and the kids swam for most of the day.  Momma flew out early that morning to help Memere fly here.  

The pools were all very nice and they even provide pool toys.

We took our 1st summer camping trip to PK in June.

Lyndon cleaning the boat.

Carl came with us and they had a blast making s'mores & tubing.

We saw several goats too.

The boys made several lakes in the sand.

The first part of June I worked on sorting my PPCD/PK classroom while Lyndon was at camps.  I have officially moved everything from my old room to my new room.

Yuck, where to even start?????  I'm not able to organize my stuff yet, but it had to be moved out of my old room so it could be cleaned; therefore, the mess.

PawPaw loves to build tanks and the past several years of being in such a severe drought have proved that his logic is very smart!  It is amazing how much rain can be collected in a tank with a little rain.  This tank is called the Great-Grandkid tank and after Lyndon listened to PawPaw's ideas for this tank he wanted to check it out first hand...even stand in it.

We have new pet's that Lyndon is very proud of.

My Mr. Silly entertaining himself me while we run errands.

We went camping again last weekend, just the 3 of us and had a blast!

We came home Sunday and it started to rain...

so we cooked out....

& snuggled up because it is chilly!

It rained off and on Monday.  I was cuddled up watching the rain coming across the field and listening to these two as they ate supper.  I love listening to their conversations!

Life is GREAT!

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