Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Little of This & That

I am developing a bad habit of using my phone to snap pictures here and there instead of my camera.  I hope to improve.  

I'm also getting bad about Instagraming pictures and not blogging them.  Yikes, one bad habit after another it seems.  Lyndon reached the 100 AR goal in May and his treat was DQ ice cream.

Just being Silly Lyndon!

Lyndon picked and arranged this bouquet for me for Mother's Day-gorgeous!!!

My official last day of school....Lyndon had already been out for almost 2 weeks.  We had to go to WF and Lyndon chose to eat at Hunan's.

I made this mirror for Lyndon from old barn wood.  I tried to make it cheap...free turned into $20.  The wood was free and I had an old mirror; however, I broke it while attaching  the last bracket, bought another and broke it, finally I managed to finish it...3rd times a charm!  Wonder how many years of bad luck that would be?

Wheat harvest was minimal this year due to the SEVERE drought that we are in!

YEAH I have a snake killer!  I'm terrified, too terrified to be able to kill any snake bigger than a worm.  Lyndon has come to my rescue with his 22 several times this summer!

Look who is driving....

Yes, you guessed it, Lyndon!

I love rounded lightbulbs in chandeliers.

On my official last day of school we also hit the Plex.

 Every year Lyndon can't wait for the pool to fill.  BUUUURRRRRRR well water is COLD!!!!

Night before my 1st day off!

I was posting some things to sell for Charlotte and Lyndon modeled belts!  Such a ham!

Lyndon completed his art picture!  I am amazed at the job he did-fabulous!

Swimming with friends.

Lyndon enjoyed the times we were able to babysit some friends.  Lyndon loves younger kids!  The tractor in the trailer behind the golf cart doesn't look the safest, but I assure you it was monitored well!

My date night with Cody as he tried to finish up on some plowing.

A small rain we received-every DROP is considered precious!

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