Monday, June 4, 2012

1st Cellar Experience

We had a scare the other night as it was reported a tornado was on the ground and headed our way.  Thankfully we grabbed & hauled things to the cellar for no reason!  That is much better than having a tornado.  We even had company as Gary, Vickie, Andrew, and Colton joined us.  We actually had a good time visiting for the couple hours we spent in the cellar.Lyndon not wanting his picture taken.

Runner is TERRIFIED of thunder and lightning.  Cody and Lyndon tried to bring the cat, Golden, into the cellar, but as Cody said, "I'm not man enough to get THAT cat in the cellar!"  I didn't see it, but he and Lyndon both tried, but the cat WASN'T going down in the cellar.  Usually Golden is very calm and laid back....guess he doesn't like cellar.

I probably over did it, but we had time so I wanted to grab what I could.....Lyndon's baby book, his scrap books, our wedding album, and my computer.  I had my back-up, but it wasn't up to date within the last month.  I don't want to loose ANY pictures!!!!  Cody grabbed his wedding band and reminded me to grab mine.

Lyndon brought his 3DS, iPod, and his piggy bank!

  Cody bought a new storm shelter this past year and has been getting everything like he wants.  We have a cellar which is as old as our farm house, but I am terrified to get in it.  I have gone in it a few times, but am on pins and needles the whole time.  Not for fear of the weather, but for fear something slimy make slither out of the rocks.  Cody has done a great job with this shelter.  He also had another well dug and has all of the well components inside the shelter as well as a mini fridge and a TV for weather updates.

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