Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tooth Fairy & Football Camp

Lyndon & I had our 6 month teeth cleaning on Tuesday.  Amy, our favorite hygienist, told Lyndon that his loose tooth was going to come out before he left.  It was so wiggly and loose that she couldn't even clean it and the tooth underneath needed to be cleaned.  -She didn't even know how it was still in there.  During flossing it came out, so she gave Lyndon a little treasure chest to store it in.  

It was the tooth to the right of the thumb.  What you see is the big tooth popping up.

Lyndon and I both forgot that his treasure chest was in my he didn't put his tooth out for the tooth fairy on Tuesday night.  He remembered Wednesday night & decided to open the chest to get one more peek at his tooth when he discovered the tooth fairy had a $5 bill folded into a teeny tiny rectangle inside the tiny treasure chest.

Lyndon wanting the camera to capture the fairy dust that is always left on his money.

Lyndon has had football camp all week.  They have had a lot of fun...water balloon football, slip'n slide drills, and today was challenges.  I have NO idea what they were all discussing, but they look angry---they weren't!

Drill time!

The challenges: kick farthest off of a tee, punt farthest, throw farthest.  Your score was then subtracted for the not being in a straight line.

Lyndon was the only incoming 4th grader competing so it was he and the incoming 5th graders.  Lyndon came in 2nd on all of the challenge drills.

He and another kid tied for 2nd place over all so they had to have a tie breaker throw.  The other student threw his perfectly straight-right on the line-awesome!  Lyndon threw his farther, but did have a couple points deducted for being off of the line.

Lyndon came in 2nd place overall-I was very proud of him!He even had his name in a drawing for the prize-he won a cap.

The turn-out for camp was much smaller than last year's, but I think that everyone had fun and learned new things.