Monday, June 4, 2012

Baseball Again

Lyndon's goal this season has been to NOT strike out.  This has been a successful goal for him thus far, but he made me nervous on this last game with 2 strikes-that was a 1st for him this season...I think!  I have told him to enjoy being able to hit the ball each time this year, because next year he advances to the next league and the kids begin to pitch to each other which will be MUCH harder to hit!

Strike 1!

Strike 2!

He decided to take a ball and watch this one!

RUN LYNDON!!!!!  (The ball is above his left shoulder.)  Lyndon also made a few great plays on defense; he caught a pop fly and he caught a quick throw from Paul(who made a GREAT play) at 3rd base for an out on 1st.

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