Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Flying' thru 11 Years of Marriage

I can't believe we have already been married for 11 years!  How time 'flies'!  Cody and I both would've LOVED to go back to Florida again for our anniversary, but will save it for another time.  Cody suggested Fredericksburg & I thought that sounded awesome too (was kind of surprised he suggested it since shopping is the main attraction).  I found a neat place online, Hangar Hotel.  
We drove in late Friday evening.  We woke up at 10:15 on Saturday, which was a big shocker to both of us!  We never sleep late!  We walked next door to the famous diner for our lunch.  The diner was packed with pilots and their families for lunch.  I am unsure how many pilots the diner averages on a Saturday, but Cody counted at least 30 plans coming and going on Saturday morning.Cody had a sandwich and I had a delicious spinach salad.

The view from our booth.
 We then went into town and toured the National Museum of the Pacific War-Cody had heard it was really neat from a friend.The tour is estimated to be 2-6 hours.  We looked at everything and read and watched the films set-up, but we did make it through in less time-we wanted to be sure to do other things as well.

I loved this flashlight.

The memorabilia was amazing!  It is astonishing that such a large amount of objects were recovered from both sides.

I feel very proud to know that so many soldiers and their families fought for our freedom, but also it makes me extremely sad that so many families lost so much.  One mother lost all 5 of her sons....I can't imagine!!!

A lot of the videos were too graphic for me, especially the Japanese stories of hurting children.  At one point all children 6 years and older taken out of school and being trained with guns and swords.....6 YEARS OLD!!!!  Another story told of a mother with a crying baby on her back as she waited in the rice lines...a Japanese soldier grabbed the baby from her back and threw it in the air before shooting his gun...I can't stand things like that...I feel like I should know all of these things as it is the history behind our freedom....but it is so sickening too.

The outside grounds were very peaceful.  I really loved this fountain.  I bought a Christmas ornament in the gift shop so we will remember this museum each year as we trim the tree.

We enjoyed a cool drink on the patio from Silver Creek before hitting the shops.

I shouldn't say yuck until I've tried it....but.....yuck!!!!  Cody was going to try the pickle on Sunday, but we forgot.  Crazily out of all the wonderful shops I bought a Christmas is 1 of 300 and the designer autographed it for me so I was excited about it.  We bought pickles for Cody's parents, and I think that was it.  I wanted to visit a store I loved last time we were in town; however, it has since gone out of was filled with antiques, many of which were from old churches.

After shopping we relaxed on the balcony watching for planes until time for our dinner reservations.

I thought that the arrows on the ceiling were awesome..I think they are intentional, Cody thinks they're accidental from the moldings.....

We had a delicious meal at Caberret Grill.  We both had the same thing...pork tenderloin, jalapeño stuffed quail, and something beef (I am blank.....!), and fresh veggies.  Cody had wild rice and I had sweet potato mash.  It was definitely more than I could eat, but very wonderful.  Luckily we were able to enjoy our meal on the patio as we watched the fish and listened to the waterfalls.

Me blinking during the picture to mess it up...urghhhh.

This is the rotating light at the airport.

I forgot to take pics of the room before we 'lived' in it.

The original of this is in the diner.

Sunday we enjoyed lunch at the Fredericksburg Brewery.  It was recommended from friends.  Cody had one of his favorites...I rueben and I had a fajita salad.  After lunch we picked up 'Spooner' boards for Lyndon and Carl.  

We found a few rain drops on the way home.

Cody was supper generous and drove the whole way to and from...while I spoiled-ly read magazines and visited with him.  I had a WONDERFUL time, just as I have spending the past 11 years with my BEST FRIEND!


  1. FUN~I am definitely going to look into the Hanger Hotel.....Brant would love that. Maybe he could fly us there....hmmm! Love Fredericksburg, I tried the chocolate covered bacon last year and to my surprise, I LOVE it. Not sure about the pickle tho! Happy 11 years to yall =) It looks like you had a blast!

  2. Congrats! You have given me some great ideas too. Thank you.