Monday, August 13, 2012


 More pictures from my phone that I forgot about.  On June 17th we had a couple of inches of rain which made this little creek flow.  The boys all HAD to put their toes in.

The 1st Tuesday of every month at 5:00pm Lego stores have a FREE build.  These creations are not sold in sets or individually-you must attend the build.  In June the build was a torch for the Olympics.  Lyndon and I arrived at about 3:45 so that he could use a Build a Bear gift card that he had.  As we passed the Lego store there was already a line outside the store of about 50+ kids and parents.  Lyndon immediately began to fret that they wouldn't have enough sets-each location only has so many sets so it is a first come.  I told him not to worry about it...if he gets to do it that is wonderful, but if they run out we can try another month and we already had a great day....we ate lunch at The Rainforest Cafe and were now going to Build a Bear.  He created his dog and we then went to the Lego store.  I asked the employee standing outside if there was any point in us waiting in this line that was now twice as long as before.  He assured me he would get in as they usually have about 300 sets.  Lyndon and I waited for about 45 minutes before getting in, but Lyndon had a lot of fun.  They give each child a tray with the pieces and the instructions so that they can start to build.  I wish the nearest Lego store wasn't so far away....

Lyndon having fun with two of his friends.

We love summer and all of the neat things that we get to do!

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