Monday, August 6, 2012

San Diego Day Uno: Legoland

WELCOME to SaN dIeGo!  

WARNING: A very long post with oodles of pictures!
Our journey began on Wednesday with delayed flights causing us to grab something quick to eat by the airport.  Lyndon really wanted Hunan's and I thought it was located by El Chico, but it turned out to be another and learn. :-)  It definitely wasn't the Pappadauex's we had intended at DFW.  We made it to DFW with only enough time to get to our next flight.  We arrived in San Diego quiet late and went straight to bed.  Thursday morning Cody decided to walk around the bay while I stayed with Lyndon in the room-he was still sound asleep!  I wanted him rested for our busy day, so I let him sleep-it was about 2 Texas time before he fell asleep.  Cody sent me pictures of dolphins in the bay, but I wanted Lyndon to rest.  After breakfast we walked around the bay and looked for dolphins....guess the early bird always will catch the worm!  Of course we also looked at all of the sail boats before picking up our Rent-a-Car.  Lyndon was very excited about this new adventure for him.

Lyndon DREAMING while we waited for our car.

a break...

 The trip from San Diego to Carlsbad was gorgeous!!!!!  We drove on the coastal highway which took us through a national park and numerous beach communities.  Cody loved the WEATHER, Lyndon loved the ocean, & I loved the casual & eclectic feel of each little village!!!!
 After checking-in to our resort they shuttled us to a BMW (2012 sport edition)which Lyndon loved!!  

Riding the boat through the bigger mini land.

I couldn't believe Lyndon did the rock climbing-he made it all the way to the top, but did say it was scary! (I hope this video works-I've never been able to get them to upload in the past.)

We were amazed at this tree!

Miniland was definitely our favorite!  The Lego creations are AMAZING!!!!!

Lego men cleaning George's ears.

The helicopter was really spinning it's prop as well as vehicles drove down the roads, boats maneuvered in the water, people moved, and all types of other actions could be made by pressing designated buttons.

The top of the Stratosphere went up and down.

These boats shot water at each other and made cannon noises.

Everything except the roads & vegetation was made of Legos!

A moving parade in front of the White House.

Flatiron building.

World Trade center memorials.

Lyndon driving a Lego boat.

The ivy on this building in the French Quarter was Legos.

These pictures DO NOT do mini land justice!  It is amazing!!!!
I LOVE Legos because I think they are a fabulous toy and they are great for children's development and thinking skills.  Lyndon currently wants to be an engineer, and often says he would like to be a Lego Designer-I could see him doing that! :-)

The plumber was outside of one of the restrooms...looks like a repair was being made.

Outside the pizza parlor.

These instruments played music and squirted water.

More pictures of Fairy Tale Land.

Another pictures of the weird tree.

We also attended Sea Life.

This looked like a brain!

We saw this Welcome sign as our hotel shuttle picked us up.......the van this time!

We had a GREAT day and decided after swimming to order pizza from a local italian restaurant as we sat on our balocony.

Lyndon building his new Lego creation.


  1. Awe how great! Did you guys make it to the beach? Can't wait for more pictures!

  2. looks like a FUN trip.....I have never seen so many legos! I don't even know where to start-AmAzInG!!!

  3. What an amazing vacation! I have enjoyed looking at your posts. My parents love San Diego and are always urging Clint and I to take the boys. You've helped to convince me further!