Wednesday, August 8, 2012

San Diego Day Tres: San Diego Zoo

We headed to San Diego on the coastal highway and decided to stop in Del Mar for lunch on the beach.

The first several photos are out of order, but they were off of my phone so it put them at the top.....Not sure why everything is out of order....

Lyndon loves to make souvenir pennies.

I love all of the iron grates around all of the trees-yes, I know this isn't just in San Diego, but I love them in all cities!

Before dinner at Chandler's.

My SiLlY kid!!!!

We watched this ship everyday and Lyndon would get excited to see it's new placement....guessing it was a training vessel from the navy school.....just guessing....

We spent a lot of time swimming....every morning and every evening!

Not sure who took these pictures, but this is a picture in our room. :-)

Lyndon took these pictures as we ate lunch.

At the zoo Lyndon liked these parking lot signs and he was the photographer.

We had never seen Koi so huge....they looked like catfish!

Lyndon getting smashed.....

I thought this building was beautiful!  I'm not sure what it is, but I could see it from the gondola at the zoo.

Told you I liked it!

We could see downtown San Diego from the gondola.

So many pretty flowers! 

The monkeys are Cody's favorite.

The otters are Lyndon's favorite....we could see them easily....they were in one of the monkey cages and we only saw one.

My creative poser!

 Our room after being lived in for several days!  The resort was very nice and I wish I would have taken more property had only been open for 5 weeks.

After dinner at Chandler's we went back to the pool and sat by the fire pit until bed.

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