Tuesday, August 7, 2012

San Diego Day Dos: The Beach

After swimming & sitting in the hot tub we headed out for the day.  Our first stop was lunch at a place Cody spied the night before.

I had the beautiful and delicious salad, Cody had an alfredo dish, and Lyndon had spaghetti.

We then drove around through the rest of Carlsbad on the boulevard, drove down to Tamarack Beach, and headed back to the resort to go to the beach to swim.
The water was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When we left home it was 112 degrees and our swimming pools and lakes are 80 degrees +.  The high in Carlsbad was 75(never felt that warm to me) and the breezes, nights, and water are all cold.  I understand why most of the surfers wear wet suits.
Lyndon and I played in the waves for awhile & Cody took pictures.

The under tow was strong & the water was cold....did I say that already! :-)

Me...looking like a weeny!!!--it was cold!

 We thought it was raining down toward Tamarack Beach, but later decided it was the ocean spray.

 After fun at the beach we swam in the heated resort pool & Lyndon took the below pictures-I think he has great photography skills.

 Heading out for dinner.

 We ate at a local mexican restaurant recommended by a local and a blog friend...thanks Shirley!
After diner and ice cream for Cody and Lyndon we went....where else....back to the pool and hot tub!

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