Friday, August 10, 2012

San Diego El Final

Lastly are random pictures I forget to pull off of Cody's phone.Cody's morning stroll on the bay.

A dolphin.

We have been in a record breaking drought for a few years. Last year was very scary and serious with lots of fires and NO rain.  This year the rainfall has been slightly better, but not enough to keep us out of a drought.  Our county is in a stage 5 drought and our community enacted a NO outside watering band two weeks ago with water meters being watched very carefully for over usage.  Of course we have also had burning hot temperatures....112 the day we left for San Diego.  With all this being said Cody kept saying Thursday, "I don't see what the disadvantage of living here is!"  We went to Legoland and it wasn't fact a cool breeze would come.  Cody's statements continued our trip with other things as well: I could fix boats...., Maybe if I can grow wheat, cotton, and sesame then I could figure out how to grow strawberries (Lyndon & I said we would probably eat his crop so he changed it to avocados).  He then began sending my parents joke text that he would be coming home but only for a few days to get Runner (the dog) & pack a few things before heading back to house hunt.
Lyndon finally said one day, "Are we really planning on moving here?"  "No, I'm just enjoying the wonderful weather." "Good, because I want to stay at home!"
The weather was beautiful as was the scenery!

We traveled by this gorgeous church to and from San Diego.

Coastal views.

Our balcony view.

Lyndon met a couple of from England, and one from Spain.  He played with Cameron from Spain the most.  They swam and played on the computers together.  They exchanged email addresses before Cameron left on Saturday.  They were both in town for soccer camp......I was blown away......another country for a 9 year old's sports camp....they must be awesome!

Lunch on the beach.

Our little bird friend.....

I can't imagine why he stuck around....notice the french fry in his mouth.....we only feed him a few not wanting to make him sick....He swallows them whole-yikes!

This was our car....not bad for a rent-a-car!  It was very nice and a lot of fun to drive, but felt much different from my Yukon.  As you can see the sun roof was a hit!

Lyndon snapping all of his aerial views home!

We had a wonderful time!  I enjoyed our lazy mornings and casual days of spending time together.  I am very blessed!
*Thank you Shirley for all of the great advice from beaches... to resorts... to eating establishments!  You definitely live in paradise.


  1. We felt the same way leaving Destin! The temps were nice and rained everyday there =) We definitely contemplated different occupations in paradise =) Looks so nice there as well!!!

  2. Aww your so welcome! It's been soo hot here, not anywhere near 112, but I'm the 80's is enough heat for me;) we have been at the beach daily! Wish you guys could move here, but being next to family and great friends you really can't put a price on that!