Saturday, July 3, 2010

The End....

I don't know if I will ever get caught-up with blogging!  I can't believe our summer is flying by so quickly. Our summer began with wheat harvest, football camp, baseball, VBS, a laundry room reno, 3 weddings in 2 weeks, and a week visiting family in Tucson.  We are home and going full speed to complete the laundry room and all of my other to-dos before school starts.  I will also be teaching a different grade level this coming year and I have A LOT to learn, sort, and figure out, but I am very excited.
I posted 4 or 5 posts today and plan to get caught-up this week......... I hope!

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  1. Really!! What grade are you teaching next year. That is exciting and hope you enjoy moving. It can be a pain but it is fun to do something new! Hope you have a great summer and if you need anything please call!! Sonya