Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the Road Again

Playing and telling Grandmemere she should move the TEXAS!!!!The boys enjoying their 1st of 2 McD's Frapp's!Aubrey eating her favorite, yogurt!Taking a break at Starbuck's and playing with bracelets-car present.Frapp's #2!
The trip home was long.  Momma and I alternated driving.  In Abilene we switched again and in Anson I stopped for caffeine at about 12:30 a.m.  Momma sat in the car with the kiddos and I ran into Allsup's.  As I left Anson two vehicles were in front of me, but they quickly turned off on another road.  About 6 miles out I saw flashing lights.  My cruise was set on 64 so I knew it wasn't me; however, I was the only vehicle to be seen on the road.  The lights crossed over and came behind me so I pulled over.  I couldn't figure out why I was being stopped.  Turns out their was a report of a confrontation at the Allsup's and since I was the 1st vehicle out of town I was stopped.  The officer asked if everything was okay in the vehicle and if I had seen anything as I went through Anson.  I told the officer I had stopped at the Allsup's for caffeine and he was curious if I had noticed anything then which I hadn't.  He was very nice and polite.  As we left Momma and I couldn't help but worry...what if.... we would have been there when this happened....  I think we had a guardian angel.  We still don't know exactly what happened either but luckily we weren't around!
We arrived at our house around 1:30ish and quickly unpacked our things.
We had a lot of fun and it was great to see everyone.  I wish they lived closer-the trip is so long.  Texas is so huge that when we are in Van Horn that is 1/2 way and we haven't even made it out of Texas yet!!!

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