Monday, July 19, 2010

PK in the Rain

The weekend B4-last Cody, Lyndon, & I did some chores around the house and then headed to PK for the afternoon.  We have never just gone down for the day without spending the night so it was a new adventure trying to find Possum Hollow.
Lyndon's favorite is 'Hell's Gate' so that was the 1st place we headed for.  We like to go through to the back where it is a little less populated and anchor to visit and swim.We were enjoying our afternoon when suddenly the wind began to get up and a huge cloud came rolling in.  We hurried to get back into the boat and tried to head back towards Possom Hollow; however, once we made it out of Hell's Gate torrential rains, and strong winds came.  I felt like we were in an ocean storm with the waves so rough.  Cody soon had zero visibility so he turned around where he could see better.  He was able to get us back into Hell's Gate where the water was calm and the wind wasn't able to get to us.  Luckily there wasn't any lightning!  Once the rain stopped, of course we were soaked-towels and all!  We decided to navigate back to Possom Hollow just incase the weather changed again.  We swam a little more before loading the boat and eating super.  Lyndon wanted to tryout wearing his life jacket and Cody's.You can see Cody pondering the weather and what he should do.  He always puts his hand up to his lips when he is nervous or in deep thought.Possom Hollow was very nice and we ate a really good restaurant right at the loading ramp-didn't catch the name of it.  Cody had cajun frog legs, Lyndon had a corn dog, and I had catfish.  We were all still soaked and asked to eat outside even though it was humid and cloudy because the AC was WAY 2 COLD inside!!!!!  We will definitely be coming back for the day.
Once we were back in Seymour this is what the sky looked like-kinda yucky looking, but no weather fell...


  1. Wonderful pictures! Looks like yall had a blast!

  2. What Fun!! LOVE PK =) Hey by chance did yall take Lyndon over to the gas station and let him feed their pet carps? Our kids love to go feed the carp!!