Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tucson Day 2

The day began going out for breakfast.  We then headed over to Miss Tiggle Winkle's toy store so the kids could spend their money.  Momma has a piggy bank for each of them and they earn gold dollars to put in them.  They usually go to WF to spend the money with Memere, but instead brought it with them to Tucson.Lyndon being dusted with magic fairy powder & making his wish.We then met up with Autumn, Tante Lyn, & Uncle Ken to go to the doll museum.  You aren't suppose to take pictures inside so....sorry!I only took this one since it was just of people and not necessarily the exhibits.  All of the kids had a blast and it was very neat!See the giant door & the tiny door?Back at Grandmemere's the boys built a tent and watched Eloise inside the tent.@ 5:00 we went outside to wait for the ice cream truck.We waited...& waited...& took pictures as we waited...& finally we spotted the ice cream truck!After ice cream we met up with everyone and went to Peter Piper Pizza for games & pizza.Getting a picture of all of the great grandkids and Grandmemere was impossible!  This was the best one that I shot.

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