Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh, yes we have been hard at it already.  When I say 'we' I mean me and my helper, Lyndon.  He helps for awhile and then plays for awhile.  We worked ALL last week-including the weekend.  We are close to having things sorted so I can paint before decorating (the FUN part!)
Cleaning out my

  old 2nd Grade Room.


  1. I'm doing much of the same, just in my house for homeschooling. I'm glad the majority of the "icky" part is over and now I can start the "fun" part of setting it all up! Have fun!

  2. I must have missed something! :) Are you changing grades?

  3. YEA!! Beginning of school is always exciting and you will be so wonderful in the pre-k room! Those kids will love you and you will never want to move back up =)